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What is Full Site Editing?

At the time of writing this in March 2021, the standard WordPress block editor is only available when editing your site’s posts and pages. Full Site Editing (FSE) takes the block editor and extends it to whole of your website. With FSE, every part of your site is editable in much the same way as your posts and pages currently are. This includes templates such as the page template which is used when displaying your individual pages, and also the template parts such as your site’s header or footer.

With all of your site’s templates and template parts being editable, you are able to make changes to every aspect of your website. Do you wish you could easily rearrange the layout of your header? Move the Site Logo or Navigation Menu to a different position? Add additional content to your header? Remove unwanted content from your footer? Edit the layout of the single post template? Add/remove/rearrange things such as the post date, categories, tags, author, and comments etc? Change the colors, typography, and spacing of the different parts of your site’s templates? All this and much more is possible with Full Site Editing.

How do I Enable Full Site Editing?

To start with you will need to make sure you have the latest version of WordPress, and to install and activate a FSE enabled theme such as Hansen, Pria, or Alara, and also the Gutenberg plugin.

With Gutenberg and an active FSE theme, you will notice a new ‘Site Editor’ link in the side panel of your WordPress dashboard. Clicking this takes you to the new site editor. From here you can use the block editor to make changes across all of the theme’s templates and template parts.

As FSE is considered experimental at this time, and is only available through the Gutenberg plugin with various aspects of the FSE experience still being finalized, it is important to note that there may be changes that could affect any website created this way. Until Full Site Editing is fully available as part of WordPress, it is recommended to make use of it on a testing/staging site.

Hansen Theme Support

Release date:January 15, 2021
Last updated:December 8, 2021
Current version:1.4.6
Product type:WordPress theme
Requirements:WordPress 5.6+, Gutenberg plugin