Site Identity

Appearance > Customize > Site Identity

With the Claremont theme you can upload your own logo. If you do so it will display in the top left of the header in place of the site title.
We recommend an image size of between 200 and 300px wide and approx 105px high for your logo.
if you have uploaded your own logo image you can also adjust the padding at the top of the logo. This is handy if your logo is thinner than our demo logos and you wish to center it vertically.

The tagline is the standard WordPress tagline or sometimes known as the site description. This is displayed in the top right of the header in large bold type. This is not overridden if you upload your own logo.

Phone title and phone number can be edited and are displayed below the tagline in the right side of the header.

To include a clickable button in the center of the header you can choose a page from the dropdown selector. This will show the page title as the button text and link through to the page when clicked. If you do not want a button in the header simply leave it empty.

The site copyright is displayed in the left side of your site footer and can be customized here too.

Claremont Site Identity


Appearance > Customize > Typography

The default font for the theme is Open Sans. You can change this using the dropdown selector.

Blog Settings

Appearance > Customize > Blog Settings

The sidebar position can be set here. Choose from either left sidebar, right sidebar or no sidebar. This setting applies to single blog posts as well as the post archives.

You have the option of hiding the author and/or date of your posts. The default setting is to display both author and date, but it can be set to not display these if your prefer.

If you wish your blog index, archive and search pages to show an excerpt of each post instead of the full post content, the box next to ‘Trim Blog Post Content’ can be checked. This will bring up a selector asking you the number of words to trim the post content by. The default is the first 70 words and you can pick any number of words from 5 to 300.

Gallery Settings

Appearance > Customize > Blog Settings

Claremont supports the gallery post format. You can change the following settings for your gallery images here; padding, margin, background color, border size, border radius and border color.

Claremont Gallery Settings

Please note that if you are using a third-party gallery plugin this may override the theme settings.

Page Options

Pages > Edit
Pages > Add New

The sidebar position for pages is set for each page individually.

In the ‘Page Attributes’ section there is a choice of either ‘Default Template’, ‘Home Page’, ‘Left Sidebar’ or ‘Right Sidebar’ template.

The default template will show your content with no sidebar. The home page template also has no sidebar but includes the extra home page widgets.

If you wish to use the three extra home page widget areas on the page you are creating/editing, you should select the home page template.

Claremont Page Attributes