General Settings

Appearance > Customize > General Settings
For all the Interceptor theme options and settings, when you are happy with your changes click the ‘Save & Publish’ button.

Site Width

The default width of the page content is 1200px when viewed on screens wider than 1120px. For all screens smaller than 1120px wide, the width automatically resizes to the width of the screen or device that the website is being viewed on.

You can change the default width for screens wider than 1120px. Use the up/down arrows to change the width to your preferred setting or tick the checkbox next to ‘Full Width’ to make the page content 100% of the screen width.

Site Title & Tagline

The standard WordPress settings of Site Title, Tagline and Site Icon. The Site Icon is used as a browser and app icon for your site. Icons must be square, and at least 512 pixels wide and tall.

Header Logo

If you would prefer to use your own company logo instead of the standard Site Title, you can upload your logo image here, as well as crop the image to fit if you need to.

Header and Menu Styling

The header containing your site title/logo and the main menu has two layouts: In-Line or Centered, and two menu styles: Seperated or Targeted. You can switch between the layouts and styles with a live preview showing you the differences.

Enabling the ‘Search Icon’ will allow your website visitors to search your website by clicking the search icon to bring up a search form for your site.

Header In-Line, Menu Seperated Header Centered, Menu Seperated Header In-Line, Menu Targeted Header Centered, Menu Targeted

Page Title

You can remove the page title background or change the background by uploading your own image. This is the title area in the header for the default page template, single posts and post archives.

Page Title Background

You can also choose an overlay texture pattern from the selection. Select ‘NONE’ if you don’t want to use an image overlay pattern.

To change the darkness of the background image, you can choose any number from 0 to 100. 0 is the standard setting and will display the background image exactly as it is, 100 would make the image very dark.

To change the color of the page title, click on ‘Select Color’ and then you should either enter the hexadecimal code of the your custom color or use the color selector to choose any custom color you wish.

You can also choose whether or not to show your website breadcrumbs below the page title.

If you wish to make the page title area larger or smaller, you can change the font size and the padding above and below the title.

Page Title Font Size and Padding

Footer Style

Footer Top Color is the background color of the widgetized footer area which contains up to four widget columns. To add content to the these widget areas, go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Widgets’ where you will find the ‘Footer 1’, ‘Footer 2’, ‘Footer 3’ and ‘Footer 4’ widget areas. These widgets can contain any of the standard WordPress widgets or many other widgets depending on the plugins you are using on your website.

Footer Middle Color is the background color of the footer area in-between the four column footer and the bottom footer. This is able to display any widget of your choice.

Footer Bottom Color is the background color of the footer area which contains the theme info/copyright info as well as your social media links, which you can customize from ‘Appearance’ > ‘Customize’ > ‘Social Media Links’.


From here you can change the color of your Site Title (if you have not uploaded your own logo), the background color of your website as well as the main highlight color.

Interceptor has two default main colors. The default colors are yellow (#FFFF00) and red (#D40000). You can change these colors here.


You have the option of changing the fonts for the header area, the navigation menu, the page title, the main content area, the headings and the footer content.

There is a selection of Google fonts available in the Interceptor theme. The default font settings are:

  • Header: Roboto Slab
  • Navigation: Hind
  • Page title: Open Sans
  • Content: Open Sans
  • Headings: Roboto
  • Footer: Hind