Layout Options

Appearance > Customize > Layout Options

By default, the Retail theme is full width with the content (apart from the homepage full width widget area) inside a container with a maximum width of 1920px.

A boxed layout can be enabled by checking the box next to the ‘Enable Boxed Layout’ option, and the container width can be changed from the standard maximum width of 1920px (any value from 1120 to 2560) by entering a value in the box or using the up/down arrows to change the width.

The header search bar has two styles which can be selected, the standard style displays the search bar, and the alternative style displays a search icon which then displays the search bar when clicked.

To remove the header search bar, check the box for the ‘Disable Search Form in Header’ option.

The menu position can be changed here too. The available options are below or below the search bar & logo area.

The blog layout has 12 available layouts for your blog posts.

The sidebar can be postioned to either the left or right of the page/post content. The ‘Blog Sidebar’, ‘Page Sidebar’ and ‘Shop Sidebar’ are affected by this setting.

Screenshot showing the layout options in the customizer