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The Retail theme has two menu locations (menus can also be added to any of the widget areas with the ‘Navigation Menu’ widget), Primary Menu and Footer menu.

Menu locations

Primary Menu

Located in the header either above or below the site logo area.

With this menu, level 2 items are arranged in four columns below the parent level 1 item. Level 3+ items are arranged in the level 2 column below each level 2 item.

The primary menu also supports two CSS classes, 'highlight' and 'more'.
The ‘highlight’ class renders the menu item in the theme’s Highlight Color.
The ‘more’ class also renders the menu item in the theme’s Highlight Color, and also displays the item in UPPERCASE and with the right chevron icon – .

Editing the primary menu

The primary menu live on the site

Footer Menu

Located in the footer to the right of the theme information section.

Footer menu editing

Footer menu on the live site