Widget Areas

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The available widget areas are;

  • Blog Sidebar (visible on blog homepage, blog archives & categories etc and individual blog posts)
  • Page Sidebar (visible on pages with the exception of the static homepage and the WooCommerce ‘Shop’ page)
  • Shop Sidebar (visible on product archives & categories, product search results and the main ‘Shop’ page. Not shown on individual products)
  • Shop Filters (the horizontal widget area above the product list, visible on product archives & categories, product search results page and the ‘Shop’ page)
  • Top Bar (the top bar above the header, visible site-wide)
  • Offers Bar (the horizontal bar below the header, visible site-wide)
  • Homepage Slider/Hero Section (the full width area below the header and ‘Offers Bar’, visible only on the static homepage)
  • Above Footer (the area directly above the footer area, visible site-wide)
  • Footer Columns 1, 2 and 3 (the three footer columns, visible site-wide)

The available widget and sidebar areas