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    How can I replicate the demo site? Could this theme be added to Stater Sites, please? This is my 5th time reaching out… I would really appreciate an answer.


    Hello, is there are any specific aspect of the demo site that you want to replicate?

    I ask because out-of-the-box the theme design/layout is exactly the same as the demo site. In the demo site, none of the theme customization settings have been changed from the default options. Only the page/post content is different, and this will always be different in different sites anyway as on your site you would have your own content.

    If you want to, you can share the URL of your site, and I’d be happy to take a look and advise further.

    With regards to the Starter Sites plugin, I’ll see if we can get the Oskar demo added.

    We don’t see any other support topics from yourself either here or on the wordpress.org support forum. In fact you are the very first person to post a support topic for the Oskar theme (with this question here) as it only went live a couple of days ago.


    Thank you for your quick response! I reached out using the contact form. Our site is baccmi.org. I do not have it published yet. I love the service display… The colored square boxes. I hope that makes sense! To get this resolved as quickly as possible, I’d be thrilled to hop on a quick phone call or zoom if this is something you’re open to? My phone # is

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    Please let me know when you have something live that I can take a look at, and I’ll be able to help further.

    Also please let me know exactly what part of the theme design/layout you want to change/modify, and again I’ll try my best to help.

    If you have used the contact form to contact us for a support request for a free theme, then this will be filtered out if you have not purchased a paid version of one of our themes.

    Please note on the contact form page where it says If you have a support query for one of our free themes, we ask that you follow the link in the “Support” button on the individual theme page, as your question may help other users who may also have the same or similar issue.

    I’m really sorry but we are just not able to offer one-to-one custom support over phone or zoom for a free product. It’s just not sustainable to do this. Hope you understand.

    I’ve removed your phone number from your reply.


    I understand. Thank you!

    Preview link: https://baccmi.org/?share=c36e2cd63bb16cf1969264ef69477269562a497e00de94a9323e06ada20db4e1

    I’d like to add these two features:

    • Image w/ text layover & buttons
    • “Featured Services” Colored boxes w/ descriptions & buttons

    Demo Site


    The large image is a Cover block added to the “Homepage Slider/Hero Section” widget area.

    This can be found at ‘Appearance’ > ‘Widgets’ > ‘Homepage Slider/Hero Section’.

    To add a Cover block, click the + symbol (Add block) in the widget area, and add a Cover block.

    The first line of text in the Cover block is a Paragraph block with the text alignment set to Center and text size set to XXL. You could add a Heading block instead of a Paragraph if you prefer.
    The second line of text is also a Paragraph block with the text alignment set to Center and text size set to Large.

    After the second line of text is a Buttons block with two buttons.

    Additional: if you add more than one Cover block in this widget area, they will automatically be displayed on the front-end as a slider.

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    The “Featured Services” should be enabled by default on the homepage.

    This can be found in the customizer at ‘Appearance’ > ‘Customize’ > ‘Homepage Settings’.

    In the “Homepage Sections” sub-section, you will see options to toggle on/off the homepage sections, as well as the option to drag-drop the different sections into any order you want.
    Make sure the “Featured Services” option is checked, and by default your 4 latest posts will be displayed.
    You can optionally select a page to use for each of the featured service boxes.
    In the “Featured Services” sub-section, check the “Select Pages” option, and then for each of the featured services, you can select one of your pages. The box will then display the page title and excerpt of the selected page, and will link through to that page.
    You can also change the icon in the circular box for each of the featured services. There are more than 2000 icons to choose from, and you can use the search function to help find an icon instead of scrolling through all 2000 icons if you prefer.


    Thank you SO much!

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