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    Just a question.

    When I first set up my webaite and chose your theme, I wanted to have my posts to get on the front. Not have a static site. This is how I want it.

    But now, I added another page called “Blog” And I installed the plugin “Blog Disigner” I set up this to apprear any Blog posts to get on the page called “Blog”

    But it ALSO appears on the front (home) site.

    Is it possible to keep those two separate?

    Blog posts to appear on the Blog-page and general Posts to appear on the hom-page only?


    Hi, not sure how you are differentiating between ‘blog post’ and ‘general posts’, but this is outside the scope of the theme.

    It is plugin functionality and you would need to ask the authors of the plugin you are using – Blog Designer Support – as we do not have knowledge of the coding of that plugin and can only answer questions about our themes.


    Ok, thank you.

    I actually asked them first, but they said it was the theme and I needed to ask you..

    Sorry for that..


    Just a little bit of info about how the theme works in this regard.

    The theme respects the default WordPress functionality, which is to list your posts on the front page, unless you select a static front page.

    All themes which are available at wordpress.org have to do this or they wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be allowed on wordpress.org.

    Now, you have installed the Blog Designer plugin which as far as I can tell, is used to create and style another blog page in addition to the front page. So, if this plugin is also listing your posts on the extra blog page, then your posts will be displayed on both pages.

    As Yazmin mentioned, this extra functionality is provided by the Blog Designer plugin and you would need to refer to it’s documentation or ask the plugin authors how to control the output from this plugin.

    Hope this helps.


    I am having the same problem, and I have no plugin for blog building. I’d like to know how to fix this. I want my home page to be my home page.


    Hello Meape, can you please supply some more details about what you want achieve for your home page to be your home page?

    if you do not set a static front page, then the home page will show your latest posts.
    if you do set a static front page, then the home page will show that page.

    whichever one you choose is your home page.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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