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    Boris Gutierrez

    Hi, I’m using the “safety” color scheme.  Can you show me how I can change the accent color from yellow to a lime green please?

    Thank you


    Hi, there are four different shades of yellow used in the safety color scheme.

    By adding the following to Customize > Additional CSS and changing the colors will override the standard yellow colors

    .top-logo a,
    .top-tel:before {
        color: #ffd500;
    .top-cta .btn {
        background-color: #ffd500;
    .site-footer a,
    .footer-widget .widget ul li a {
        color: #fddc32;
    .slide-caption .heading1,
    .site-footer a:hover,
    .footer-widget .widget ul li a:hover,
    #home-services .fa,
    .testimonials .fa-fw,
    .claremont-testimonial-list .fa-fw,
    .claremont-testimonial-style1 .fa-fw,
    .claremont-testimonial-style2 .fa-fw,
    .claremont-testimonial-style3 .fa-fw { 
        color: #fdde00;
    .slide-caption .button1 .btn { 
        background-color: #fdde00;
    .home-widget-right .widget {
        background: #fdde00;
    .error404 .content-area,
    .pagination .page-numbers {
        border-bottom: 2px solid #e4cb19;

    This will also override any specific colors that you may have changed for any of these individual elements in the color options.

    Boris Gutierrez

    Thank you.   Is there a way to also change the color of the author icon and author and category name links as well?  Also the “continue reading” link.





    For the icons (author, date/calendar, category/folder etc) use this:

    .entry-meta i,
    .entry-footer i {
        color: #e4cb19;

    For the author and category text links use this:
    (by default these just use the “a” element site-wide color)

    .entry-meta a,
    .entry-footer a {
        color: #978500;

    The continue reading link again is by default the standard link color, but can be changed with this:

    .entry-content a {
        color: #978500;
    Boris Gutierrez

    Thank you.  All set

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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