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    Boris Gutierrez

    I’m not happy with the way the logo shows up on my site.  I’ve tried submitting different sizes but I wish I could make it look a little larger and clear.  The site is http://www.theplanoplumber.com/

    Sometimes it asks me to crop the image other times it does not..why is that?

    What would be the best logo dimensions to use on this theme to obtain a larger logo look?





    The recommended logo size is 300×105 but you can use a larger image than this.

    So for example if you want a sharper image, uploading an image that is 1200×420 will look sharper as the image will still scale down in the browser to fit the available space, and so will appear four times sharper than a 300×105 image.

    With the image cropping, if an uploaded logo image has the same width/height ratio as the recommended size you won’t see the option to crop the image because WordPress sees that the image is already in the same width/height ratio, and so no need to offer the crop option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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