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    I’ve been working on my site for a little while now and had everything configured how I wanted it, but then ran into a major issue and, long story short, I pretty much had to start from scratch.

    I’ve now re-installed a child theme and reconfigured all my settings to what i had before, but this time I am having an issue where the products that are showing in the Home Page Sections and the Product Catalogue on the Shop pages are only putting two products per row, with a massive space in the middle.

    I have tried altering the “Products per Row” settings, but not matter what number I choose, it will not show more than 2.

    Also, on the single product page, I am getting a full-width image, then the product information underneath, rather than a half width image with information to the right.

    If I swap back to the main Retail theme, everything shows up how it should, but when I re-activate my child theme it’s back to the wrong settings.

    I have tried altering the style.css and functions.php files, to match what I had previously… last time I created my child theme manually and this time I did it with a plugin so thought maybe that was the issue… but I’m still not able to fix it.

    Can you maybe point me in the right direction to get the settings to match the retail parent theme?




    This sounds like you have made quite a lot of changes or added your own php coding in your child theme’s php files?

    Sorry, custom coding on this level is outside the scope of support for the theme – minor CSS modifications and help with the theme options/functionality.

    We would effectively be developing a new bespoke child theme for yourself which would would require custom coding and testing, and an option would to maybe find a reputable freelance WordPress developer on Upwork for this kind of custom service.


    Hi again,

    After a whole day of going through each item, one by one, I finally had a thought… I installed a new plugin to “optimise” my site’s performance.

    Apparently that means altering the layout as I described.

    Plugin deactivated and deleted!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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