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    The slider works fine in the Appearance/Customize area but on the live page it just shows all three images, one after another, they still have the buttons on them, but they are not in a slider format, just pictures and buttons, one below the other.



    It looks like something on your site is breaking the .js script in the theme.

    The theme loads the core WordPress imagesLoaded script, but it looks like something on your site is breaking this causing an error in the theme’s .js script at a point before the slider functionality is used.
    This is breaking the script from that point onwards and stopping the slider from working correctly.
    It is also causing issues with the sticky/fixed header, and breaking the mobile navigation menu.

    It could be an issue with a third-party plugin or a caching plugin either not loading jQuery correctly or removing/changing it.

    I would recommend temporarily deactivating all active plugins, then check to see if the issue is fixed.
    If all is OK then reactivate your plugins one at a time until the problem re-appears.
    This will show which plugin, if any, is causing the issue.



    Did you try the suggestions I mentioned in my previous reply?

    Please let us know either way as it has been more than a week since you submitted your question, and this topic may soon be closed and marked as resolved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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