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    Andrew Harrold

    On my homepage near the bottom I have a display of products from my Woocommerce shop. Under the headings

    Recent, Featured, Best Sellers, Top Rated

    hovering over the words it displays my main website homepage followed by a # for each of the options.

    How do I go about changing the priority of these options (currently Recent is the default), Im looking to make featured the default. I also need to know where to tag the products I want to display on featured.




    The product tabs on the homepage can be rearranged at ‘Appearance’ > ‘Customize’ > ‘Static Homepage Options’ > ‘Shop Tabs’.

    Here you can activate/deactivate each of the Recent, Featured, Sale, Top Selling, and Top Rated tabs, and also drag-and-drop them into any order you want.

    See the image below where I have highlighted this with the green arrow showing how to do this.

    To tag a product as featured, in your dashboard go to Products and in the list of your products you should see the star column. Click the star of any product you want to tag as featured. Click it again to remove the featured tag.

    Please see the image below with the green arrow showing how to click the star to tag a product as featured.

    Andrew Harrold

    Hi, I’ve managed to get all that sorted, many thanks.

    Is there a way for the Featured products to be selected randomly for display on the website, it currently just lists them in the order in which i selected them when adding them to the Featured section.


    There is currently no built-in way to randomize the display order of the featured products.

    I will see if this can be implemented in the theme, and get back to you as soon as possible.

    Andrew Harrold

    Excellent news. In the basic WordPress WPBakery webpage builder its given as an option, so hopefully not to difficult for you to implement.


    The Featured products can now be displayed in random order in the latest version (1.9.7) of the theme.
    Please update the theme to see the additional options.

    As well as the featured products tab, the Sale products tab also has the ordering options.
    The list of ordering options is:

    • Default
    • Title: A to Z
    • Title: Z to A
    • Date: New to Old
    • Date: Old to New
    • Price: High to Low
    • Price: Low to High
    • Top Selling
    • Top Rated
    • Random

    There is also a new Custom Shop Tab which can be toggled on/off in addition to the Recent, Featured, Sale, Top Selling and Top Rated products.

    Andrew Harrold

    Thank you so much for this fantastic quick integration into the latest release!!

    Superb service


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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