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    “When the website was created, this static block was not in a blank page when creating one from scratch.”

    “I cannot seem to even select this “block” within the editor now. It is on every single page, even every product page – this is not how I set it up myself and seems to be from the theme.”

    This is not actually a block and is not part of the page content. The theme was created and released before blocks existed in WordPress. It is how the page title is displayed as a large area with background image, and this has always been part of the theme right from when it was first released.

    What I’m trying to say is that the large page title area with the background image cannot suddenly appear as it has always been the design of the theme right from the very beginning when the theme was initially created and released.

    In the customizer in the ‘Header Image’ section you can change the site-wide header image, and also you can change the settings for posts and pages to display the single post/page featured image. If you select this option then each individual post/page will use it’s featured image as the background, and if the individual page does not have a featured image then it will fallback to the site-wide image.

    The only thing that I can think of that would cause the page title with large background image to suddenly appear is if you or another admin of your site had previously directly edited the theme files to remove this section. In this scenario your directly edited theme files will not be preserved when updating the theme, as all of the theme files are updated to the version that is held in the wordpress.org theme directory. This is the reason why WordPress recommends making theme file changes in a child theme instead of directly editing the main theme’s files.

    But you are saying that the theme’s files were not previously directly edited, so I cannot explain why this section would suddenly appear, sorry. There is absolutely nothing in the theme that would cause this to suddenly appear as it has always been there in this theme.

    As this header section is an intrinsic part of the design of this particular theme, it may be that you should consider switching to another theme that does not have this header area, rather than trying to work around it when you don’t want it in your website.

    Just a little bit of further information about child themes;
    As an example if a theme has a header.php file and you create your own child theme with it’s own header.php file then this takes priority over the parent theme’s header.php file. You don’t have to recreate every file from the parent theme, only those that you wish to change. If a particular template file exists on the child theme then will be used, otherwise it defaults back to the relevant template file from the parent theme.


    Hi Andy, thanks for the message and clarification. Maybe I was using the wrong verbiage with header and block, but I understand what you are saying that that “header” (blue block) has always been there as part of the theme.

    It is probable and possible that we removed this somehow when we created the website, and with the recent update, it has now reappeared. But we want this removed. Is there a code?

    The header image option under Appearances, is set to no image, so that’s why we are perplexed as to why there is just a blank blue image box (the blue is our brand color). We figured out how to remove the default text (which was the name of each page), under the Hamburger Settings in the Elementor Editor, it allowed us to remove the text, but just cannot find or locate where we can remove this blue image header block box.

    Every page is different in that, some pages have an image OR video OR slideshow with text overlay (custom font, and every page that would have this is different), and some pages ie., the individual product pages, do not have any header image at all (intentional). So doing this in the Main Apperance —> Header menu option doesn’t seem to be viable.


    What the Elementor option you mention is probably doing is removing the page titles from being rendered, but the Lorina theme also has the image background that is wrapping the page title, and so because this is not standard WordPress functionality (unlike the text part of the page title which is usually standard across lots of themes) this background image (or plain color background if no image) section is still being rendered.

    It sounds like you would be better to use a different theme that only has plain page titles, as this page title with surrounding background image is an intrinsic part of this particular theme.

    There are many themes available that only have plain page titles that may more suitable for your use.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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