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    The problem with the Exoplanet theme pro sim.
    Because it works with other themes.
    What do I have to do now and quit Exeplanet pro, more than three months of service and look for another topic.
    Because I can not stick with a theme that I can not update from my database so it loses all the configuration.

    The idea of the theme and theme is very good, but if I can not make a backup that works. So theme serves.

    Another thing the staff staff likes to push the problem to others.

    But I do not live to sell theme, now you do.

    Which has a theme that I can not back up and maintain my settings.


    If the development staff had a little interest in solving the problem and I have a lot of interest and I can help.
    If we work together, now it’s no use talking about that problem is not related to wordpress interaction, database and theme not because this will not help solve the problem.
    I’ve been working on this problem for almost a month.


    Did you receive my email?

    In the email I asked for some information about your WordPress setup and the type of database.

    For example is your live site a different type to your localhost site?
    There are different types with differences in how they store the data.

    As an example it could be that your live site’s database is MySQL and your localhost is Microsoft Access.
    Or it could be that in your ‘soa_options’ table the text type of the ‘option_value’ field is ‘tinytext’ instead of the correct ‘longtext’ which can store more data.

    We really do want to help you with this, but we are just guessing though here at the moment because you are not willing to reply with any useful information.


    Good Morning

    I did not receive your email

    But I’ve solved it, as all wordpress has many relationships, but the theme in this case is the main along with the limitation of putting all the configuration data in the field only. It got too big.
    Mine has 179 rows.
    The unserialize functions (http://unserialize.onlinephpfunctions.com/) support only 99 lines. But we resolve and then step by step for all.

    I am organizing a step for you to place at the disposal of others who have the same problem. I also have a tip for the theme to have no further problem.

    Soon, I put the step by step, I’m running to save time.
    Launch part of the platform (www.soamigo.com.br) tomorrow (01/05/2017).
    See with how we did with your theme, so we did not want to leave it very good.



    The unserialize functions (http://unserialize.onlinephpfunctions.com/) support only 99 lines.

    This not correct. unserialize and serialize can handle unlimited variables. There is no size limit – http://php.net/manual/en/function.unserialize.php – and it supports many many times more rows than you have in your theme customizations.

    Anyway, there was a few errors in the theme_mods data you posted previously…
    e.g. s:84:”Soamigo, criando OutrasRotas”
    should be s:28:”Soamigo, criando OutrasRotas”
    as the length of the “Soamigo, criando OutrasRotas” string is 28 characters and not 84.

    Once we repaired the data to re-calculate the string lengths, all was OK with unserializing the data.

    I don’t know how the data became corrupted in the firat place as the saving of theme modifications is handled by the core WordPress files and not by the theme.

    How to move forward so that importing your data will always work OK. Not sure. Depends how you are importing/copying your database or it’s data from one site to another.



    This link (http://unserialize.onlinephpfunctions.com/) was sticky and did not make more than 99 lines.
    I had to do it twice.

    Andy mattered in all ways and I still do not have a good way to do it without suffering too much.
    If you want to script database step for you.

    There was no way to put the theme customization in more than one field, because it was going to get smaller.

    The way to back up is to import, but I’ve done N-ways if you have one that works. Even if you have to buy more plugins. I’m trying anything to slow down the work.

    Everything working now

    What did I do:
    1) Unserialize manual (This link (http://unserialize.onlinephpfunctions.com/) was sticky and did not make more than 99 lines. I had to do it twice.)
    2) I used the backup I did the plugin pro duplicator
    A) Every time I preached F5 came the unconfigured theme
    3) Then I get the 179 unserialize lines. I go into the optins table in the optins_value field and manually place unserialized content.
    4) It works normally as it is now (www.soamigo.com.br)

    Here are all the links that helped me from one or the other.
    1- https://en.stackoverflow.com/questions/86491/manter-configuration-change-url-wordpress-tema-adventure-organic-them/201340#201340
    2- http://unserialize.onlinephpfunctions.com/
    3-http: //tudoparawp.com.br/dicas-wordpress/3-tools-for-migracao-de-banco-de-dados-wordpress/
    4- http://wp-portugal.com//2016/12/07/wordpress-http-para-https/
    5- http://tudoparawp.com.br/dicas-wordpress/3-tools-for-migracao-de-banco-de-dados-wordpress/
    6- https://snapcreek.com/duplicator/docs/faqs-tech/

    I’m considering buying this plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/)

    Usually database not problem and my area, but last with other projects I can not waste so much time doing these jocks.

    Thank you very much and sorry for the rhinestone.

    Running all right thanks to God.


    Good morning Andy

    I think I discovered the cause of the serialization of my fields from post tables (post_content) and options (options_value).
    There are some characters that I put in the theme customization. Then when unserializing the unrecognized characters.
    Examples: The lamp and the sun in this link (www.soamigo.com.br)
    (S: 17: “slider2_subtitle4”; s: 137: “? Here the friends will report their places to complete the list of 1001 places that we should know before they die.”;)

    Another example that is not active on the site
    (S: 9: “faq_text1”; s: 328: “FAQ is an acronym for the English expression Frequently Asked Questions, which can be translated as ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’ An FAQ, when used in a pluralistic context, When used in a singular context, will be one of those frequently asked questions.

    After I serialized the options_value field the backup is working normally only with problem in the post_content field. But this is not affecting me now.

    The launch (www.soamigo.com.br) will leave today (01/05/17) thanks to God.

    Andy I am sending to your email.

    The content of the three fields that will give serialization a problem, so you can see a way to help your users.

    But once, thank you very much.


    Public apology for Yazmin.

    Sorry for the rude of another day, because I was very anxious to solve the problem, need more attention.

    But thank you all for making this wonderful theme.

    See what you can do with this theme.

    And the problems that appear we will solve together.

    I have the mair interest that this theme grows more and more.


    Thank you, it’s OK no harm done.

    So, what I think has happened is that somehow on your live site the field which stores the theme customizations became corrupted with inaccurate data (incorrect variable lengths etc). Again, not sure how this happened as this is handled by the core WordPress files and not by the theme. The theme only tells wordpress which customizations to save, not the actual function of saving to the database.

    Then I think you have used the theme mods backup function of Exoplanet Pro to backup your customizations. This will backup the customizations, but doesn’t check for errors.

    So, then after you had copied your live site to localhost, I think you had tried to restore the theme customizations from the backup which contained the errors.

    This is not how we intended the theme customizations backup to work. It was intended to be used for importing customizations from free version into the pro version of the theme, as well as saving previous customizations, so allowing you to work on a design for your site while letting you save your design at certain points so that if you make changes you don’t like, you can go back and restore to a previous design without having to change everything back in the customizer.

    We are looking at how best to add some kind of repair function to the saved (backed up) modifications for if the original theme modifications somehow becomes corrupted.

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