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    I use Exoplanet Pro.

    I need to put custom content on the home page, but I can’t find a way.
    Also, I would like to activate a child theme, but the stand methods “Import / Export Design” and “Mod Themes” do not transfer my customizations from the main theme to the child theme.



    Sorry, I found how to insert the page content on the front page.
    I still have a problem importing the customization on my child theme.




    There is a plugin – Customizer Reset – Export & Import – that can be used to export and import your theme customizations.

    With the plugin activated, go into the Customizer and you should see a large orange Reset Customizer button right at the bottom of the sidebar panel. To the right of the button there are two smaller icon buttons; Export and Import.

    Use the Export button to download and save the customizer settings to your computer as a file which should be named Customizer-Export-of-exoplanet-pro.json.
    Next open the file in a text editor and the very first part of the contents of this file will begin with {"template":"exoplanet-pro",
    Change the “exoplanet-pro” text to the slug/directory name of your child theme, and save the file.

    Now this edited file can be imported with the Import icon button in the Customizer, and you should have the Exoplanet Pro customizer settings copied over to your child theme.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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