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    As of Exoplanet Pro version 1.3.4 the ‘Custom CSS’ setting has been removed in favor of using the core WordPress ‘Additional CSS’ setting which is available from WordPress version 4.7 onwards.

    When we first launched Exoplanet Pro, WordPress did not have the ‘Additional CSS’ option built-in, so we decided that Exoplanet Pro would have it’s own ‘Custom CSS’ option.

    Going forward we feel it is logical to let WordPress take care of any custom css you may wish to add to your site, therefore the theme’s custom css will no longer be rendered on site.

    ** The per page/post custom CSS is not affected by this change and will continue to work as before **

    If you initially installed Exoplanet Pro prior to v1.3.4 and have updated to v1.3.4 or later, to continue using your own custom css, you should navigate to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Customize’ > ‘Custom CSS’ and copy your code into ‘Additional CSS’.

    If you initially installed Exoplanet Pro v1.3.4 or later, then none of this applies and to add custom CSS styles you only need to add it in ‘Appearance’ > Customize’ > ‘Additional CSS’.

    Appearance > Customize

    Copy your custom css…

    Custom CSS - copy your css

    …and paste into Additional CSS

    paste css into Additional CSS


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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