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    Hi, hope you’re good.

    Is there any way to show multiple categories in “Recent posts section”.

    I like to show, for example, one category per row.

    Or multiple categories organized by date.

    Thank you in advance.

    multiple categories in home page "recent posts section"


    Sorry, that is not possible with the recent posts section in the customizer.

    You could use a plugin that has options to display your posts in various formats, and use the plugin in the page content of your homepage (or any page).

    The CoBlocks plugin has a Posts block which you can use to display your posts.
    For example you could add a Posts block with posts from Category A in 3 columns, and then add a Posts block from Category B in 4 columns etc.

    There are also many other plugins dedicated to displaying blog posts, too many to list here. I would recommend trying out a few of them to find one you like.


    Hi. My site says:

    Your site do not include compatibility with the block “coblocks/post” . You can leave this block or delete it.

    so… what can I do to show categories filter in this section?


    That message is because you have deactivated or removed the CoBlocks plugin.

    You should first re-activate the CoBlocks plugin, and then you can enter the categories to filter in the ‘Feed Settings’ > ‘Categories’ setting in the block sidebar options panel. See image below.


    Yes. You’re right. I can edit all features. But when I define this page as the main blog page show me that message.


    any suggestions?

    thanks in advance


    When you define a page as the main blog page, that page becomes the main blog index archive and will only show the latest posts, and will not display any content you have added to the page.

    So there should not be an error message or any content other than just the standard latest posts.
    In the page editor, you will still see the content you have added but it won’t be visible on the front-end.

    Hope I have understood your question correctly? If not, please let me know the page URL and I’ll be able to take a look and advise further. Thanks.

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    My site is https://www.opticomexadvisors.com and in the home page / section: “Boletines Semanales” I want to show the posts by categories.

    Please help me.


    You previously said it was the main blog page and that there is a block error, but when I view that page I cannot see any errors and the page is not defined as the main blog page.

    Sorry, I do not understand what the issue is?

    The “Boletines Semanales” section on your homepage is the theme’s “Recent Posts” section. This cannot be changed to show posts from different categories.
    To do this you should use the CoBlocks posts block in the page content of the page. This is the main content area of the page when you edit it in the page editor, not the “Recent Posts” section of the customizer.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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