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    Matt Patterson

    I upgraded a week ago to Trusted Pro so that I could utilised the video background feature.

    The feature works well, except the website bandwidth has had a 10x increase.  I was expecting some increase as the video is 7mb in size, however the stats indicate the file had 30 hits and 3100 206 (partial) hits, but only 1000 visits… does the video reload when it loops?

    For now I’ve had to turn it off, but is there an alternative solution such as utilising Youtube to embed background videos so that the website bandwidth doesn’t take such a hit?

    Thanks for your assistance.


    Yes you can use a video hosted on Youtube.

    In the page editor, select the ‘Custom’ tab in the ‘Header’ options.

    Now in the ‘Content’ section, paste the code to embed a Youtube video. You can copy this embed code from the Youtube website. Below the video click ‘Share’ and then the ‘Embed’ icon to get the code.

    This Youtube generated code may not be responsive (resizing on different screens/devices), so an alternative is to install a plugin that can do this such as YouTube Embed (other video embed plugins are also available).

    With the YouTube Embed plugin installed, you can use the plugin shortcode to embed the video in the Header Custom Content section.
    For example:
    [youtube width=1920 ratio=16:9 responsive=yes]https://youtu.be/ex8fMxXJDJw[/youtube]



    No, the video does not reload on every loop.

    A typical page may be somewhere around 70kB, so adding a 7MB (7,000kB) video, I would expect to see a 100x increase in bandwidth for that page. Considerably more than 10x.

    Of course if your page without the video is around 700kB, that would explain the relatively low 10x increase in bandwidth.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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