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    Jay Tennant

    I just upgraded from last year’s version, and noticed the Shops page (WooCommerce) is the only one without a background image. All other pages on the website use the same background image except the Shop page.

    I traced it to the ‘main-header’ and ‘custom-post-type-header’ CSS classes. In all the other pages, those classes are defined in a header style with id ‘exoplanet-style-inline-css’. In the old version of the Shop page, it was also defined (I happened to have that page open before the upgrade). But they are absent from the new version of the Shop page.

    In the Exoplanet Pro theme ‘functions/extras.php’, between lines 690 and 715, those classes are defined. Perhaps one of the surrounding conditions fails here? Or between 678 and 688?


    Hi Jay,

    We have issued a fix for this issue. Please update the theme to version 1.9.2

    Jay Tennant

    That did it! Thanks for the quick response!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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